Automation – The Future of Easy Email Marketing

Automation is bang on trend at the moment, nearly everyone is talking about it! So what exactly is email automation and how can it be beneficial to your business?

Email automation is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers. It includes the creation and setup of workflows, which are designed to send engaging emails at specific dates and times of a customer’s lifecycle. This helps marketers to nurture and convert potential leads into actual customers.

Just some of the benefits include:

Increase of brand awareness
With relevant, well timed emails being sent to your contacts, your brand, products and services will be stuck in the back of their mind.

Saving time
Having automated workflows able to send multiple campaigns 24/7 is a massive time saver. Once a workflow is set up and running, emails can be sending throughout the day leaving you time to carry out other tasks.

Nurturing leads
Sending relevant emails containing useful information encourages contacts to brush up on their knowledge about your business, services or products. Later on down the line, if they are contacted by your sales team they will have an idea about your company and may be more open-minded when approached.

Sending relevant emails to recipients
Email campaigns will be sent to the right people at the right time with the right message. Having relevant content will encourage more clicks and in return create more conversions.

Campaigns are planned well
Being able to see a workflow in front of you will encourage you to plan more meticulously. Having a workflow and all its stages will open your eyes to more opportunities and will benefit your overall marketing strategy.

Can be personalised
Automated emails and personalisation go hand in hand. Combined they allow you to tailor your emails and send unique content to individuals, creating a more personal and relatable customer experience.

Errors are reduced
Compared to individual emails being sent to new leads, workflows can be created well in advance with ease before going live. This gives you the peace of mind and time to check for any errors before they go out to your audience.

Saving money
The size of your sales team can be reduced as instead of cold calling all the time looking for potential leads, information from automated workflows allows an insight into known interested and engaged users.

Author : Emma Weir

This article originally appeared on Emailcenter UK

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