Email Validation

EMAIL VERIFICATION @ just $0.005 per email
Reduce your email bounce rate and get a pat from your email service provider

Our email validation service helps you to check the quality of your email database and remove all the invalid/bounce emails from the list. Most of the email service providers ban accounts which has more than 30% bounce rate. You can improve your account reputation by improving the quality of the email list which you use for your campaigns.

Our service helps you to improve your reputation and ensure that your email reaches the inbox instead of the spam folder. We do a double verification of the list to make sure we thoroughly checked the list for the quality.
Our unique software uses different ports to validate the email addresses. Our software does the syntax verification, MX record verification and 100% verification of whether the email id exists or not.

Email Validation Pricing
We don’t charge any setup fee, we charge per email-id which needs to be validated. Our pricing based on the volume below:
0 to 10K : $75
10K+ : $0.005 per email

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