Python Training

Datacience provides an In-depth training on Python Development for aspiring Students.

We provide you,

1.	Intro
1.	Datamining
2.	Why Python for datamining?
3.	Python 2 and Python 3
4.	Python vs Java or other languages
2.	Setting up Python, MySQL server and the required libraries. Remote server logging from command line.
3.	Your first “Hello World” program
4.	Statements & Syntax
5.	Data Structures for Data Science – Arrays, Lists, Dictionaries, Frames etc
6.	File handling – CSV, Text file processing in the context of data analysis
7.	MySQL database – queries, statements and Python connectors
8.	Functions
9.	Modules & packages
10.	Object oriented Python
11.	Basics of data scraping – scraping libraries, extraction modules etc
12.	Libraries for data analytics – numpy, pandas
13.	Introduction to Machine Learning – overview

Real time/ real life project work

Training Duration: 25 Days

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